I was born and raised in the Philippines and currently working in the construction industry in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I’m an outspoken and straightforward person. I do love meeting new people. I’m a computer science graduate major in information systems. And I love traveling.

It all started way back my interest with photography when I attended a workshop in  2012  entitled “Express & Synthesize your Love for Photography” by ESL a Fine Art Photographer based in Los Angeles California, since then I was passionate with it – my interest awaken.

After a few years, I stop due to some reasons but now I’m re-igniting it – that’s why I have decided to create this platform to express myself beyond boundaries.

I will be sharing with you what’s on my mind on each photo I have taken and giving some details about it – the stories behind.

I dedicate this website as an expression of my passion and enthusiasm.

I’m hoping that I would be able to inspire you and bring joy and happiness – thru my photos.

With Peace and Love.

Thank you for dropping by !!!